Our clinic performs diagnosis, checks and treatment of dermatology patients together with cosmetic procedures and laser device treatments.

Cosmetic Applications

Chemical peeling ( stain treatment, acne treatment..)
Botox ( wrinkle treatment, perspiration treatment)
Filling (face, lip and under the eyes )
PRP ( rejuvenation vaccine )
Dermapen ( micro needle method )

Lasers in our clinic
Diod Magma laser
Nd YAG laser
  Carbondioxide Fractional Laser
  Pulsed Dye laser
  i- lipo x cell system( double wavelength diod laser+ multipolar radiofrequency+ close infrared vacuum massage + multi wavelength body analysis )

Laser Procedures performed in our Clinic

Laser epilation
Laser capillary treatment
Laser nail fungus treatment
Laser nail damage treatment
Laser persistent wart treatment
Laser skin rejuvenation treatment
Laser stain treatment
Laser extraction of moles
Laser acne and acne scar treatment
Laser stria (skin cracks) treatment
Laser burnt and operation scar treatment
Laser keloid/hypertrophy scar treatment
Laser armpit perspiration treatment
Laser vaginal narrowing treatment
Laser porto wine stain and other heamangioma, congenital stains treatment
Laser rozasea treatment
Laser keratozis pilaris treatment
Laser morfea treatment
Laser Civatte poikiloderma treatment
Laser hidradenitis suppurativa treatment
Laser zonal thinning, body shaping and cellulite treatment

Operations, Procedures and Interventions under Aesthetic Surgery Branch

•    Aesthetic nose operation
•    Face rejuvenation operations
•    Endoscopic face-forehead tensing and eyebrow lifting
•   Eyelid aesthetics
•    Prominent ear correction
•    Jaw enlargement-reduction operations
•    Treatment of scars on the skin
•    Hari transplant
•    Body laser practices
•    Aesthetic breast operations
•    Reduction of extreme fat tissues
•    Abdominal tensing
•    Countour corrections with implants
•    Leg aesthetics
•    Botox, Filling and PRP Applications
Diseases Diagnosed and Treated

•    Facial shape deformations
•    Cleft lip and palate
•    Cranio-maxillo -facial anomalies (deformation of jaw, face, head bones)
•    Orthognathic surgery (jaw closure disorders)
•    Nose defects, tumors and tears
•    Saliva gland problems
•    Congential tumors
•    Nevus (mole)
•    Soft tissue masses
•    Vein anomalies
•    Bone and fast tissue traumas on face
•    Bone face fractures
•    Absence, asymmetry of breast and reconstruction of breasts after cancer
•    Congenital anomalies of genital organs