It is important to identify if a baby is healthy or not before delivering.

Therefore, when the baby is in mother’s womb, prenatal survey-diagnosis tests are done. To understand if the baby has a problem some tests are often done such as researching baby directly with ultrasonography and chromosome count test with measurement of protein excreted from baby and its placenta in mother’s womb (like trisomy 21 down syndrome).It is necessary to get a diagnosis when risk is high at screen test or there is any abnormal thing at ultrasonography. For this, it is necessary to get example from the baby chorionic villus biopsy, amniocenteses and cordocentesis should be done. Other searching if it is necessary and all chromosome such as infections, biochemical measurement, and enzyme study can be done from these taken examples. Early diagnosis is very important because it is sometimes impossible to find a treatment under-researched illnesses or it is necessary to start the treatment early.

We can do chorionic villus biopsy for the first detailed ultrasonography among 11-14 weeks, double test and definitive diagnosis to get a diagnosis and do prenatal survey in our hospital being one of the developed centre of the world. Moreover, we can analyse genetically materials which belong to baby being in mother’s womb after 10th week of pregnancy (harmony test) and we can determine some genetic illnesses and down syndrome. 11-14 weeks anomaly survey tests, ultrasonography and all diagnosis attempts can be made real. We wish that all future mothers have no problems during pregnancy and we remember importance of the evaluation be done among 11-14 weeks at our clinic of obstetrics and gynaecology and determine problems and solutions early.

Prof.Dr.Aydan Asyali Biri

Gazi University Medical Faculty

Department of obstetrics and gynaecology Academic Member

Maternal-fetal Medicine Expert

Medical Biology and Genetic Doctor.