What is I-Lipo X CELL System?
This is a FDA approved system used for zonal thinning, cellulite and body shaping treatments by means of including all four of low energy double wavelength laser, near infrared vacuum massage, multipolar radiofrequency and multi wavelength body analysis systems. Low energy laser melts the lipid tissue cells under the skin; the vacuum massage removes the liquids, fats and toxins accumulated under the skin; the radiofrequency tenses the skin and accordingly treats the cellulites.

Areas of Application

– Body Fat Analysis
– Zonal thinning in all the parts of the body  ( save upper breasts of the women
– Cellulite treatment
– Body shaping of sagging parts
– Removing the stria (cracks)

The Application

The applications lasts 45 to 60 minutes. Following the body analysis measurements, i-lipo is applied 20 minutes, vacuum massage is applied for 10-15 minutes and radiofrequency is applied for again 10-15 minutes. The first step of the application may cause a slight hotness in respective zones whereas a relaxing massage effect is obtained in the following steps.

Period of Effect

It is recommended 8 sessions of application as 2 times a week. The period of application varies according to the area of application and the targeted thinning plan. The results are long lasting as long as the eating plan and calory plan are observed.

Any Side Effect?

The application has not side effect.

Who Shall Not Undergo?

Persons with Type 1 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome shall not undergo this treatment.