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The narrownesses forming in the veins of health veins are the most frequent causes for the hearth failures and heart attacks. We perform the Coronary CT Angiography examination in world standards whereas, instead of catheter insertion from the groin, a 5 minutes imaging provides the map of the heart veins that fully demonstrate such narrownesses. 
The narrownesses are the most frequent grounds for the heart diseases. As to see such narrownesses directly and assess the same, there exists two methods. The first one of these is the classic coronary angiography and the other is coronary CT angiography.

The classic coronary angiography is a long lasting technique to image the heart veins. Under this method, a catheter wire is inserted in the body from the groin. This wire is proceeded till the heart all through the vein and then releases a marker (paint) substance in the heart vein which can be imaged from outside using X-ray device. Thus, the internal structure and narrowness sectionos of the vein may be assessed. This examination lasts averagely 30 minutes however it may take hours when we add the preparation period and improvement (healing) period to the same. Many patients stay all day long in the hospital when undergoing classic coronary angiography.

The coronary CT angiography but is a new technique thanks to the advance of the computerized tomography technology. This technique not requires any wire to be inserted from the groin and proceed till the heart all through the vein. It is a painless and relatively comfortable process. After a short preperation stage, the imaging is completed within seconds. Even a midday break of one hour is sufficient to perform this examination technique on the patient. You may return at once to your daily routine after the process.  

Who Should Have Coronary CT Angiography?

It is for sure your cardoigraphy specialist shall decided if you need coronary CT angiography or not.
Basically; the following facts and findings may require coronary CT angiography practice: 
•    The symptoms causing doubts about heart disease in persons who are under medium level risk of coronary artery disease.
•    The symptoms causing strong doubts about coronary disease in persons who are under low or medium level risk of coronary artery disease.
•    Unreliable or insufficient results from the running band test.
•    The patients with doubt of congenital anomaly in heart veins.

Which Device Do You Use for this Check in Özel KORU Ankara Hospital?

Özel Koru Ankara Hospital uses the “General Electric” brand “Optima CT660” model 128 sectional multic-detector Computerized Tomography device, which is located in our Radiology Clinic, is used for this routine check. The calmness of the patients before and during the check directly impacts the heart speed and the quality of the check.  Thus, we employ a special preparation room for the patients in which they rest before the check. Our CT imaging room is wider than the area required by the standards; whereas has been designed fully for this special purpose check also including the illumination thereof.

How Can I Have Coronary CT Angiography in Özel KORU Ankara Hospital?

Özel Koru Ankara Hospital's Radiology Department works together with cardiology doctors. We recommended that you take an appointment from our cardiology doctors before CT imaging and ensure your risk assessment to be performed. If any clinic out of our hospital makes a CT request, it is quite important that you bring your previous check results and the request form completed by your doctor. You may call 444 66 62 which is our call centre. The call centre serves 24 hours.

For detailed information and package contents please contact with International Patient Services department.

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