Virtual Colonoscopy Pack

Multidetector CT technology ensures the virtual colonoscopy examination/imaging wherea, thanks to this technology, the 3D map of the colon can be produced after a single day light diet and 10 minutes of painless check. This technique provides reliable results as much as the classic colonoscopy technique and accordingly the intestinal polyps, which may be the precedents of cancer, can be detected.

About Colon Cancer 

The colon cancer is the second most frequent cause of death in the total cancer mortality statistics. Nearly all the colon cancers start as benign polyps forming on the wall of the intestine whereas these make no syptoms of themselves most of the times. The colonoscopy is the single solution as to detect these polyps before they turn into cancer.

What is Virtual Colonoscopy?

The virtual colonoscopy is a tecnique alternative to the classic colonospy aiming to scan the colon cancer signs.  The studies performed have shown that the virtual colonoscopy has demonstrated the same level of success with the classic colonoscopy with regard to the detection of the colon cancer and the polyps that can be the precedents of the former.
How it is Performed?
The process is performed by an advanced computerized tomography device with  sufficient technologic equipment. Before the virtual colonoscopy, the colon is inflated using a thin catheter and by means of applying tolerable level of air or carbondioxide. The check is completed by means of a single in face down imaging and a single face up imaging. The period of each imaging lasts about 20 seconds. Considering also the time of inflating the colon with air, the total period of the process takes about 10 minutes. It does not require anaesthesia and it is not a painful procedure. Since no anaesthesia is applied, you may continue your daily routine after the process.   

How it is Assessed?

While the virtual colonoscopy takes place, the tomograpgy device images the colon and the computer forms hundreds of sectional views during such imaging. Following, the three dimensional images of the colon are formed using such sectional views. The radiologists assess the three- dimensional images and spot any cancer or intestinal polyps (which may cause a cancer risk) or characteristics thereof. 

Who Shall Undergo?

* Patients of 50 years old and older
* The patients of 40 years old and older but who have a colon cancer family history
* All the patients who demonstrate clinic and laboratory findings that arise colon cancer doubts
* Patients refusing classic colonoscopy
* Patients that have undergone classic colonoscopy however such process not completed due to several reasons
* Patients which may not tolerate the classic colonoscopy due to age or special medical conditions (bleeding disorders etc.)


•    The classic colonoscopy requires nearly a three days intense preparation diet before the process whereas anaesthesia is applied since a little camera is inserted in the colon during the procedure. The virtual colonoscopy, in turn, needs a single day preparation diet which is lighter compared to the diet of classic colonoscopy and no anaesthesia is required. It is a painless technique with higher patient comfort when compared to the classic colonoscopy.
•    The virtual colonoscopy not requires any anaesthesia or pain killer and thus you may continue to your daily routine just after the procedure.
•    As differing from the classic colonoscopy, the virtual colonoscopy imaging also covers the liver, pancreas, kidneys, big veins and other abdominal organs whereas any aort aneurysm, kidney stone, kidney cancer etc. non-intestinal findings are also detected.
•    The classic colonoscopy includes the use of attenuants which are risk increasing factors or may cause severe respiration problems during the process. The virtual colonoscopy is much more a safer alternative by means of such risks.
•    The old and weak patients tolerate virtual colonoscopy much more better than the classic colonoscopy.
•    If the extreme zones of the intestine can not be reached with classic colonoscopy, the virtual colonoscopy can be performed (since the intestinal clearing is already performed) on the same day and such non-accessible sections may be also imaged.


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